Bartitsu is still a scarcely practised Martial Art since it’s recent revival in the early 2000’s. Learning more Bartitsu can be a difficult task though there is hope for those who do not have a local club near them. (You should visit our club register).

We have compiled a list of books for your Bartitsu library, this article will become a living document as we add more to our records.

Modern Bartitsu Book By Tommy Moore

Modern Bartitsu

By Tommy Joe Moore

Modern Bartitsu is a a full training guide for Bartitsu covering boxing / pugilism, savate, Ju Jitsu, wrestling, stick and street weapons. All distilled for one of the world’s first mixed martial arts designed for the mean streets of Victorian / Edwardian London.

Bartitsu: The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defence Book by G.D. Owen

Bartitsu: The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defence

By G.D. Owen

For the first time in 100 years, the Victorian self-defence techniques taught at the famous “Bartitsu Club” in London are presented in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand manual.

Now you can master the martial art of Sherlock Holmes as you learn the entire system, from the basic exercises to the most advanced techniques, with over 90 detailed illustrations.

sherlock holmes self defence

The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence

By Ivy Press

Learn how to defend yourself with an overcoat, cane, or umbrella, or even to wield your bicycle against an attacker. Wonderful illustrations based on original photographs instruct the reader in skills that range from the sublime to the elementary.

Bartitsu Compendium 3 - Book

The Bartitsu Compendium, Volume 3

By Tony Wolf

Published 120 years after the Bartitsu School of Arms in London closed its doors for the last time and marking the 20th anniversary of the modern Bartitsu revival, the third volume of the Bartitsu Compendium represents the cutting edge of current knowledge on Edward Barton-Wright’s “New Art of Self Defence”.