Glima is a folk wrestling style, or styles which have Nordic origins.

It is practised both as a sport and combat system and has a wealth of rich history. It’s history can be found back as far as the Norwegian settlement of Iceland.

Known also  as Viking Glima and Nordic wrestling, the art has several popular styles including trouser-grip wrestling, back hold wrestling and loose-grip wrestling. The latter tending to lend itself to a more aggressive, self defence style, though there are sporting forms too.

Glima utilizes many dynamic throws which combines skill, timing and body mechanics for devastating results.

The sport versions of the system typically scores victory to the wrestler who can throw their opponent and move away clearly.

This form of pressure testing can allow one to throw an opponent intelligently with enough speed and force to enable them to move into a position of escape the scene or taking further action on their feet.

Below we have included a video from Blood and Iron HEMA, which gives an insightful introduction to Glima