Learning Bartitsu

One of the most common questions asked is: where can I learn Bartitsu near me?

We’re currently working on this page which we intend to have an active a club directory, library of resources and to promote events and workshops hosted by the community.

In the meantime with have a list below of Bartitsu clubs named from bartitsu.org website (whilst it’s being restored) and links to the popular Bartitsu Compendiums.

Bartitsu Compendiums

Bartitsu Compendium Volume 1

Bartitsu Compendium Volume 2


Bartitsu Clubs

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United Kingdom

Tommy Moore offers Bartitsu training in Alcester, Warwickshire.

The Basingstoke Bartitsu Irregulars have classes in Basingstoke, Berkshire.

Battersea Bartitsu is a study group in Battersea, London.

The Bartitsu and Antagonist Forum Classes meet every Tuesday, 7 till 9 at Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DW.

The PUMA Bartitsu and Self Defence School in Sheffield “creates modern self defence from the historic work of Bartitsu”.

The Bartitsu Club – Isle of Wight offers regular training in E.W. Barton-Wright’s “New Art of Self Defence”.

The Black Boar Swordsmanship School in Scotland offers regular training in self defence with a walking stick, drawing from the Bartitsu repertoire as well as the “Cane as a Weapon” system of A.C. Cunningham.

The Black Boar Study Group in Cheshire study the use of the walking stick and cane, as well as regular looks at Defence Dans La Rue and other forms of Antagonistics

Self Defence Canterbury offers Bartitsu classes in Canterbury, Kent.

The Grange (Coventry, UK) offers experience days, with tuition in Bartitsu.

The Linacre School of Defence (Oxford, UK) offers classes in c1900
boxing (including grappling) and low kicks of savate, and may offer
further related arts in the future.

James Marwood teaches private classes throughout the U.K.

York School of Defence – Wednesday evenings, 20:30 -22:00. Melbourne Centre, Escrick Street, York, YO10 4AW, UK



Nathan Featherstone runs a small study group in Dublin, Ireland


Ran Braun runs occasional Bartitsu study groups in Calabria, Rome, Savona and Como.


The Alte Kampfkunst historical Western martial arts school in Wuppertal, Germany, offers regular Bartitsu training with instructor Stefan Dieke.

Alex Kiermayer offers occasional Bartitsu seminars.

Ramon Patrick Prang teaches classes in Schleswig Holstein. He can also be contacted via email.


The Bartitsu Club Athens 1900 practices Bartitsu every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Coriolanos College of Combat and Physical Wellness in Athens. Contact gzarma@gmail.com for details.


The Zwaardkring historical fencing club offers one two-hour Bartitsu practice session per month and the Judoclub Shizen Hontai plans to offer a weekly Bartitsu study group. Both clubs are in Veldhoven, Netherlands.


Bartitsu Club Russia, based at the Mishenev Fencing School in St. Petersburg, offers occasional public Bartitsu seminars.


Savate Warszawa offers Bartitsu training in Warsaw, Poland.


The Bartitsu Euskadi group offer training in the Basque city of Galdakao. Contact Mikel for more details.




Instructor Matt Cacy runs a Bartitsu class on Thursday nights in Anchorage, Alaska.

Malcolm Brown teaches three weekly Bartitsu classes (ages 13 and older) at Pilot Point School in Pilot Point, Alaska.


The Los Angeles Bartitsu Club meets weekly in Burbank.

The Historic Martial Arts Preservation Society of San Diego offers classes in Bartitsu and Neo-Bartitsu.

The Bay Area Bartitsu Irregulars meet monthly.


The Nutmeg Bartitsu Society offers bi-weekly training and regular seminars.


The Bartitsu Club of Tallahassee offers regular weekly training in both canonical and neo-Bartitsu skills.

The Contenders des Tropiques is a group of actors in Florida who provide neo-Victorian/Edwardian-themed self defence displays for entertainment purposes.


Neo-Bartitsu Columbus offers multiple weekly classes at Bishop’s Tae Kwon Do dojang in Columbus, Georgia. Contact Daniel Bellware for all details.


The Bartitsu Club of Chicago offers weekly training and occasional “open” seminars at the Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts studio in Ravenswood, Chicago.

The Gallowglass Academy (Rockford, Illinois) offers occasional Bartitsu seminars and courses.


Capital City Martial Arts (Bartitsu & Historical Fencing) is based in Lansing MI. and offers training in Bartitsu, Glima, historical fencing and World Kenpo Jujutsu.


The Bartitsu of DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia offers training.


The Bartitsu Club of New York City is a training group dedicated to the study and revival of the Victorian arts of self-defense. The Club meets once a month in Chelsea for approximately 3 hours of Bartitsu training consisting of Vigny cane, savate, ‘scientific’ pugilism, and Ju Jutsu. For more information, contact bartitsu@nycsteampunk.com.


The Cumann Bhata Dayton (Ohio) Western martial arts club offers Bartitsu classes on the first Monday of each month.

Columbus Bartitsu offers regular Bartitsu training via the Royal Arts Fencing Academy in Columbus, Ohio.


The Academia Duellatoria in Portland, Oregon runs a neo-Bartitsu class every Wednesday evening at 6:00.


Prof. Mark Donnelly runs the Keystone Academy Bartitsu Club in Harrisburg.


The Houston School of Defense offers regular Bartitsu classes with instructor Chris Amendola.


The Cumberland Bartitsu Academy offers training in empty hand defence from classic pugilism and savate, physical culture, practical and classic weapons training including walking stick self defence, cudgel and English quarterstaff, grappling and take downs from Japan, with an emphasis on combining each part to develop a workable system for the student.


The Barton-Wright/Alfred Hutton Alliance for Historically Accurate Hoplology and Antagonistics (BWAHAHAHA) of Seattle, Washington offers weekly cross-training in a panoply of 19th century antagonistics and physical culture methods.


The Academie Duello historical fencing and stage combat school in Vancouver, Canada offers a “Fight Like Sherlock Holmes” intro. course on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays as well as an ongoing Bartitsu course on Wednesdays and Saturdays with instructor David McCormick.


The European Defensive Arts School in Brisbane, Australia offers a Bartitsu study group training experience.

The Gemeiner Academy of European Combat Arts (Gold Coast, Australia) offers regular training in Vigny/Lang stick fighting and associated skills.

The Victorian Historical Combat Academy studies a variety of 19th Century martial arts, including Bartitsu.

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