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The name of “Bartitsu” may bring connotations of monochrome photos and walking sticks, but to those who peer down the rabbit hole a litter deeper, you will be suprised with the efforts to the resurgence of this fascinating and practical fighting system, which has ignited an interest in the combat arts community.
“Modern Bartitsu: Scientific Street Fighting for Ladies and Gentlemen” by Tommy Joe Moore takes a contemporary approach to reviving Bartitsu, a historical martial art that was ahead of its time. This book serves as a full training guide, incorporating various disciplines such as boxing, savate, Ju Jitsu, wrestling, and stick and street weapons relevant to the Victorian/Edwardian era, all adapted to the demands of modern self-defense. The result is a comprehensive guide that seamlessly blends history with practicality.

What sets “Modern Bartitsu” apart from perhaps other martial arts manuals is its emphasis on practicality. Moore’s approach in writing this book is refreshingly different, as it prioritizes the reader’s ability to use the techniques effectively rather than delving into historical anecdotes. The book becomes a valuable resource for anyone interested in self-defense, making it an engaging and educational read for both beginners and seasoned martial artists.

Modern Bartitsu Book

One of the book’s most appealing aspects is its ability to transport the reader back to the mean streets of Victorian and Edwardian London while simultaneously applying these techniques to modern-day scenarios. Bartitsu, one of the world’s first mixed martial arts, was initially designed for the rough and unpredictable streets of Victorian London, and this book ingeniously bridges the gap between two very different time periods. By preserving the essence of Bartitsu and presenting it in a manner relevant to contemporary self-defense needs, Moore successfully merges history and practicality.

The foundation of Bartitsu is built upon an eclectic mix of martial arts disciplines, and “Modern Bartitsu” does an excellent job of incorporating these elements into its content. It covers boxing or pugilism, savate, Ju Jitsu, wrestling, and street weapons specific to the Victorian era. While these disciplines may seem archaic to some, Moore demonstrates their relevance in the modern world. Readers will find that the techniques taught in the book are not only historically accurate but also surprisingly effective in real-life situations.

For visual learners and enthusiasts, “Modern Bartitsu” offers a wealth of visual aids. The book is richly illustrated and packed with demonstrations that provide clarity and depth to the techniques being explained. This feature is particularly beneficial for readers who prefer a more hands-on learning experience. Moore’s attention to detail in the visual aspect of the book ensures that readers can grasp the techniques and concepts more easily.

Tommy Moore

In conclusion, “Modern Bartitsu: Scientific Street Fighting for Ladies and Gentlemen” by Tommy Joe Moore is a book that blends history with practicality, providing an engaging and educational experience for those interested in martial arts and self-defense.
As a reader you feel you could be reading the content of this manual for London in the 1890’s and also for defence against football holigans in the lates 1990’s. Tommy does a great job at rejuvenating  Bartitsu and making it accessible and applicable for today’s world.
The book’s emphasis on practicality, its historical context, and its abundant visual demonstrations make it a valuable addition to any martial artist’s library. 

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