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Welcome to the home of Bartitsu. The Bartitsu club webpage seeks to preserve, extend and promote the art of Bartitsu. Here you will find pages about learning Bartitsu, it’s history and a selection of resources around the art. We also promote the community with our directory of Bartitsu clubs and related events.

The Core Tactics of Bartitsu, What Are They?

The art of Bartitsu is one which the practitioner utilises both their mental and physical capabilities.
The system, in Barton-Wright’s own words, has been carefully and scientifically planned. It with this in mind that the practitioner must employ surprise, distraction, adaptability and intellect.

Yoga in Bartitsu

To the unacquainted, some may think Yoga and martial arts are philosophies of opposites, chalk and cheese to say.  But if we dive deeper, both Yoga and martial arts contain some core concepts which are common throughout.


Where To Learn Bartitsu

Are you looking for Bartitsu clubs near you? Wanting access to great Bartitsu materials? Want to meet like-minded people at a Bartitsu Event? Well look no further, we have pages dedicated to the pursuit of learning Bartitsu.


About Bartitsu

Find out more about Baritsu, the eclectic victorian martial art, its founder, Edward Barton-Wright and the mission behind the Bartitsu club.


Latest Article - Savate In Bartitsu

Find out more about the devastating art of Savate and how it fits into the canonical form of Bartitsu


Principles of Bartitsu

1. To disturb the equilibrium of your assailant.
2. To surprise him before he has time to regain his balance and use his strength.
3. If necessary to subject the joints of any parts of his body to strains that they are anatomically and mechanically unable to resist.

The Latest Articles

Online Bartitsu Streams

In these confusing times, the wonderful people at the Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum have begun to host weekly Bartitsu live streams. The first session aired tonight (24th March 2020) was presented by Duncan, the lead instructor, demonstrating a warm-up exercise...

Stances in Bartitsu – Canonical

Unarmed Stances The Ready Stance (Hachiji-Dachi) The ready stance in Bartitsu takes itself from classical Japanese combat forms. To get into position your feet should be shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing outward at 45 degrees. Your knees should be slightly...