The Sherlock Holmes School of Self Defence elaborates the martial art known as Bartitsu it a small yet detailed guide full of images.

The team behind the book have taken quotes from both Barton-Wright and the stories of Sherlock Holmes. The book is presented in a clean yet purposely dated design to emphasise the era of the peak of the martial art. Link to the book on Amazon

Bartitsu presented in a compact yet detailed quirky guide

 The book is presented in an easy yet elegant way to read, original photos have been enhanced and are presented with the descriptions of the techniques they are associated clearly.

The book demonstrates alot of techniques from JuJitsu and stick fighting, which makes it a great resource for those interested in those areas.

In regards on the areas of boxing, savate and the other arts that make up Bartitsu as a whole, it is a little limited which I would have liked to see more in the book.




Overall it is a great read, a well produced good looking book and an essential resource for anyone interested in learning more about Bartitsu.

I would recommend aquiring a copy and below I have listed some other great reads which you may also enjoy.


The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence: The Manly Art of Bartitsu as used against Professor Moriarty (The book in this review)

Bartitsu Compendium Volume 1

Bartitsu Compendium Volume 2